Mobile delivery data from fuel trucks

Simplify your delivery note processing!

Your current process

As a fuel oil and / or fuel distributor, you process many delivery orders manually each year.
This generates numerous order papers with a high processing effort.
You may be an even larger distribution company, which cooperates with contract drivers and different vehicles.

Your vision - Logistic 4.0

You want to receive delivery notes data from tank trucks directly in your online central data processing system.
You want to eliminate delivery notes and replace them with reliable real-time data.

TSG unify - the standardized solution

TSG unify is a cloud-based data transmission service for tank trucks working with different flow meter systems!
Thanks to the use of TSG unify, every other order document is made redundant, which saves you a lot of effort, time and money.
TSG unify consists of extremely robust, compact terminals and a central service center software.

X4fleet - Efficient transport management system for planning and controlling your transports

TSG unify can be perfectly combined with X4fleet!
X4fleet is a modern transport management cloud-software which contains complete integration of order entry, planning, scheduling and billing.

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